Books, Magazines, DVDs, CDs, Audiobooks

The Lansdale Public Library (LPL) has a lot of resources that you can borrow, including books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, and CDs.
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Where to find in the library:

New rental books (fiction) are located on the right-hand side, down the stairs and just past the Reference desk; on the wall behind the new rental books are new nonfiction books, and slightly older new books. Fiction, short stories, and mystery books are located on the tall purple shelves in the central part of the library; nonfiction books are on the tall blue shelves behind the tall purple ones; science fiction, large-print books, romance and fiction paperbacks are located on the short purple shelves behind the tall blue shelves. Reference books, which do not circulate, are located on the back wall. Teen fiction is on your right as you enter the library, and the children's collection is in the large round room on your left.
Multilanguage books as well as graphic books are located on the walls in the teen section.


Where to find in the library:

Current magazines are on the gray shelves in the central part of the library. Current issues do not circulate, but previous issues are located in the flip shelves below them, and they do circulate. Also, on the back wall, issues from the last three years are available for circulation. Consumer Reports is located behind the front desk, along with some Lansdale historical publications and telephone books.


(DVDs, CDs, audiobooks)

Where to find in the library:

DVDs (movies) are located on shelves along the ramp; children's DVDs and VHS tapes are on the wall at the bottom of the ramp.
Audiobooks are on the tall purple shelves at the left of the fiction collection, and nonfiction DVDs and some VHS tapes are located with the audiobooks.

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