PA Star Forward Library Program

What is the PA Star Library Program?

PA Star Library is an initiative from the state of Pennsylvania that focuses on how the states' community libraries can benefit everyone. This initiative argues that libraries can become communal centers of learning and technology with the right support. This support also offers educational and economic opportunities for all of the libraries' members.

The Pennsylvania Library Association, the organizer of this initiative, believes that there are five main literacies that are the backbone of a library. These main literacies include Basic Literacy, Information Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy, and financial Literacy. When a community commands these five literacies, it brings greater success to all of the roles that people hold in their lives and within the community.

As a library, we are focusing on these five literacies within the library itself and in our many programs. By offering different programs each day of the week and at many different times, we hope that we are providing flexible times for everyone to learn something new even with the busy schedules that come with like. If you would like more information and to know our monthly schedule of our programs and events, please sign up for our e-newsletter on our library home page!

What Do These Five Literacies Mean?

Basic Literacy

Basic Literacy is a focus on developing a love for reading early in a child's life. Making reading a positive part of any child's life will carry on throughout their school years and provide them with a solid base for the rest of their lives.

Information Literacy

Information Literacy is a focus on technology. We really want to make sure that all online resources are approachable and useful for every member of the community. We as a society are becoming more of a digital society so knowing how to participate in that society is important. Gaining more online skills also provides job skills that will contribute to individual community members as well as the community as a whole.

Civic and Social Literacy

Civic and Social Literacy focuses on being active community members. This means being aware of what is happening in our community and providing a place for many different ideas to be expressed.

Health Literacy

Health Literacy focuses on allowing the community to manage their family and their own well being. This literacy will also hopefully provide community members with the confidence to partner with their healthcare providers to take charge of their own well-being. Which will lead to community members living longer and healthier lives.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy focuses on teachning people how to be informed consumers. This will also help consumers learn how they can contribute to the economy of the community around them.

We are so excited for all of the new opportunities that this program is going to offer us and our amazing community as well. If you would like to learn more about the PA Forward Star Library Program please watch the video below.

Thank you for your continued support!

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