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Child and Family WebGuide
Cerebral Palsy Guide

Substance Abuse

Alcohol 101: Gender Differences
What You Need to Know About Job Stress and Substance Abuse
7 Tips for Mothers of Adult Addicts
Overcoming Isolation in Addiction Recovery
The Growing Problem of Prescription Drug Addiction in Seniors
Preventing Underaged Drinking
At Home Drug Testing Guide
Rehabs in Lansdale, Pa.

Legal information

Lansdale Borough Code
PA Code online
PA Consolidated Statutes

Business and finance

Better Team
Big Charts
Free Patents Online
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Yahoo! Finance
Lansdale Real Estate from Trulia
Home buying guides from Truila
Lansdale home values from Zillow
Lansdale homes for sale from Zillow
Lansdale apartments from Zillow

Fast Facts World Almanac
RefDesk Statistics
Benefits of Music and Music Education


Pronunciator tool (library resource)
Encyclopedia Britannica
Barlett's Familiar Quotes
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Wise Old Sayings


Baby Names
US Census Online
How to Get the Most Out of

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