7/13/2021 Somehow, storybook characters have gotten lost around Lansdale! You know this town pretty well, don’t you? Maybe you can help them out! This summer, you can participate in the Lansdale Library Scavenger Hunt. Look for storybook characters hiding out in the windows of local businesses.

Luckily, we may be able to get some clues to the whereabouts of these characters. We'll update you if we hear anything!

7/15/2021 Here’s a grid of the empty spaces the characters left behind when they jumped out of their storybooks. See if you can recognize each of them by their outlines.

This is also a really good way to keep track of who you’ve found! If you write down the location where you found each character, maybe someone from the Lansdale Library can go and try to help them get back into their book.

Stay tuned for more clues!

Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
     Sandwiches and salads, soups,
      Jellies, Jams, and produce, too,
      Where could this caterpillar find
      A place to eat this spread of food?

Wimpy Kid
      Greg Heffley wore his winter clothes -
      Perhaps he thought it would be cold?
      Could he have wandered to a place
      Where ice cream and cold treats are sold?

Black Panther
      On this prince’s quest for knowledge
      Black Panther set out to look
      For a place that shows its treasure
      as a special Reserve of books.

     Pigeon thought to catch a bus
      To try to get back to his flock,
      But found he didn’t know the time -
      So he went somewhere with lots of clocks.

      Clifford’s got a big ol’ nose,
      Sensitive to lots of smells,
      I bet he wandered to a place
      Where he could use his big nose well.

      Batman likes to maintain his image
      As refined, gentlemanly, debonair -
      to maintain this dignity, he needs
      A fitting place to cut his hair.

      Garfield, such a lazy cat,
      Finds it hard to wake up early.
      You think he might have found a place
      Where he can get a cup of coffee?

Wonder Woman
      Wonder Woman flew through town,
      And suddenly, what did she see
      But books with pictures of herself,
      where she stopped and said, “That’s me!”

Elephant and Piggie
      “I’m starving!” said the Elephant,
      “Are there any good restaurants that you know?”
      “This place looks pretty good!” said Piggie,
      “They’ve got a bear in the front window!”

Cat in the Hat
      The Cat in the Hat considers his
      Striped hat to be the height of fashion.
      He’s at a place that stays on top
      Of all the latest trends and Obsessions.

      Snoopy’s used to getting scraps
      From Charlie Brown and Sally’s table.
      ....But I think he might appreciate
      An Italian Hoagie, if he was able.

      Dogs are carnivores, and Dogman here
      Is no exception to the rule.
      I bet he sniffed out a place
      Where he could get some barbeque.

Tweety bird
      Tweety thought that she’d look good
      With a new hairstyle, however...
      She was quite disappointed to find
      That even the xperts can’t braid feathers.

Pete the Cat
      Pete’s a pretty groovy cat,
      Who appreciates some flashy shoes.
      He knows to look for vibrant footwear
      In a place that sells clothes (gently) used.

Big Nate
      Nate hasn’t really traveled far,
      So he’ll be easy, if you look.
      He’s barely gotten out the door -
      He’s nervous to have left his book.

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